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Obese Pregnant Women Can Safely Exercise & Diet

July 10, 2007 9:37 PM | Diet | Exercise | Comments (1)

  According to a recent study in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, obese pregnant women can lose weight or avoid gaining weight without harming their babies.  It was also discovered that obese women who maintained their weight or lost weight were more likely to have a normal weight newborn than obese women who gained weight during their pregnancy.

Some obstetricians follow guidelines established in 1990 that recommend obese women gain approximately 13 pounds during pregnancy which is less than the 25 to 35 pounds recommended for normal weight women.  The new study contradicts the guidelines.

The study followed 96 obese pregnant women with gestational diabetes, which is a form of diabetes that emerges during pregnancy. Fifty seven (57) of the women enrolled in a diet program, while thirty nine (39) enrolled in a diet and exercise program. Both groups received help creating a healthy, low calorie eating plan, while women in the exercise group had supervised, moderate workouts, such as treadmill walking, once a week. Exercisers were also encouraged to walk or perform other low impact activities on their own every day.

At the end of the study, it was found that women who dieted and exercised gained less weight than women who only changed their eating habits. Women who lost weight or maintained their weight, regardless of the group they were in, were less likely to have a larger than normal newborn. There was no evidence that weight loss increased the risk of pregnancy complications or harmed fetal growth.

The study proves that pregnancy shouldn't be a period of confinement and that overweight women shouldn't be scared of moderate physical activity or dieting.  However, pregnant women are advised to talk to their doctors first before starting an exercise or diet routine.

Copyright © 2009 By Patrick Birmingham (Associate Writer)


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